This Is Your Year! With Self-Care Anything Is Possible!

Happy New Year!!! It’s 2010!
About me and my resolutions: Things are falling into place in my life and it’s starting to manifest at this New Year. I’m excited to be at the final stage of earning my Ph.D! I’m working on publishing my children books, a self-esteem journaling workbook, and other inspirational items like magnets and posters to display at my workshops. I’m creating a series of workshops focused on healing and removing the blocks so that people can continue forward toward their hopes and dreams. This is a big next step for me and I look forward to the adventure, challenges, and the joy of serving and offering good will and being an inspiration for others. I love the work I do! And I’m so blessed to be able to do the work I so love.
What about your hopes and dreams for this year? This New Year can be better for you in all those areas you desire. You can continue on your journey for creating a fulfilling life for yourself and in doing so you are a good role model for your loved ones. Start slowly and try not to be overwhelmed by putting so much pressure on yourself. Set some small resolutions that you can meet in a short period of time. This will show that you can be successful early on, which will give you strength, confidence, and courage to achieve your bigger goals. Self-care MUST always be first on your list because if you take care of yourself emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually, your efforts will be rewarded. How? Because when you make you a priority you change, therefore your life will change. Self-care also includes being self-nurturing, accepting and honoring yourself, standing up and speaking on your behalf, and loving yourself. When you take care of yourself, in that special kind of way that a mother takes care of her child, your other goals and responsibilities will flow with ease. With love, care, and attention we all know what is possible; we grow because we are giving nourishment to our souls. When our souls are nourished we are awakened and when we are awakened we can live more in line with our deepest and truest selves, and then anything is possible. So start this New Year off right by tending to yourselves and believe me, you shall see, feel, and experience the benefits of a life being lived authentically.
I wish you all a good beginning of a new start to loving and holding yourself in a higher light and moving toward your dreams and goals. Know that with self care, focus, and movement toward your dreams, they’re destined to be realized, because you are making them happen.
Cooboday (Grant Strength, Courage, and Guidance),


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