AuthenticityGet to know yourself! Ask yourself often, who am I really and am I being true to who I’m supposed to be.

Know-That you matter. You are capable. You are the light of your life and your existence can make a difference.

Heal-Your pain, the places in your heart and soul that have been mishandled. Remove the chains those negative influences that keep you bound and suffocating.

Self-Care-Embrace and nurture yourself! Attend to yourself emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. Use all your senses on a nature walk.

Express-Yourself in all the ways you want. Say the hard things and easy ones with your heart and you won’t go wrong. Express who you are and what matters to you.

Be Fierce-Step into your fierceness and stand up for yourself and others, truth, justice and equality for all. Assert your wisdom out into life where you are needed.

Dream- Give yourself permission to dream. Dream big, and follow them until they become a reality.

Grow-Let the seeds of your soul grow. Water, tend, and nurture those parts that have been neglected, forgotten, rejected, unheard, not seen, and squelched.

Live-With integrity and dignity and encourage others to do the same. Show kindness and respect for yourself, others, and the earth.

Play- Have fun, smile a lot and laugh to you cry and then laugh some more. Be silly often. Put this on your to do list.

Listen-To your heart, body, soul and to the elements around you. Hear what you haven’t been able to hear before. Listen to what wants to be heard.

Take Risks- And more risks. Face your fears and do more of the scary things you avoid. Challenge yourself and others.

Practice- Just like everything we do, to do better we must practice the new steps we’re learning, this is how we change and grow, heal and become. Always practice!

Imagine-That all is good with you and your life, Imagine the freedom that lives in, out, and around you. Imagine that freedom lives here.

Recite these words – Freedom lives here inside me. (Pause) In my heart, (Pause) In my body, (Pause) In my soul (Pause), and in my life (Pause). Freedom lives here in me.

Written by: Dr. Dianna L. Grayer