Welcome to my website!

I am so excited to have created this place to offer something to you. I am a therapist by trade and a healer through and through. We all have something that we are called to do and helping people move through their lives in the most authentic way possible is definitely my calling. We have all experienced some kind of hurt and pain in our relationships with our parents and others, which often have had a major impact in the direction we choose in our lives. This impact determines how we treat ourselves and others, how we engage in our intimate relationships, and how we present who we are to the world. Many people feel stuck and have a difficult time being their true selves, believing in themselves, following their dreams, and engage freely in their relationships. In other words, their true essences are lost and suffocated. I called this part of the Self, Soul. Our true essence, the deep truth of who we are is our soul. Our journey is to discover, uncover, and honor our true essence, our true spirit, our true nature, our soul. This website is an offering to you, a gift from my soul to yours.

Anyone wanting to grow, change, heal, learn to love self and others, find inner peace and happiness, or be the driver of your life, by honoring soul you are encouraged to visit this site and take what you can use to better your life. Even if you can’t use what you find here, perhaps you can share this website to others in your life who could benefit from my offering. You’re probably asking yourself, why would she want to offer support and help to others? Well, let me tell you why. For as long as I can remember, I have had a deep desire to help people. As a child, I saw people around me struggle and therefore I suffered because my needs were unmet. I knew deep down that there was a better and healthier way to live, so this has been my journey for myself as well as assisting others to find a better way to be in relationship with themselves and each other. I became a therapist and love the work I do with clients. Self-discovery is a beautiful transformative process. Imagine a rose bud unfolding into a beautiful rose, or a cocoon turning into a butterfly. How incredible is that! We as humans have this same ability to transform, uncovering our true nature, our true selves. I am so blessed to experience and witness this process in myself and others.

I feel there is so much more I can do and offer and have wanted to find a way to reach a larger group of people who need some support, guidance, and information from someone who wants to help, who cares, and believes that people can learn to be authentic which most often cultivates happy living. This is why I created my website. Also, everyone doesn’t go to therapy for many reasons and many can’t afford it, so this is another way I can assist people in helping them find some comfort and support. By exploring this website, I hope you will find some words, thoughts, images, and feelings that will move you forward on your journey toward self-discovery in finding your true essence by honoring your Soul.