Step Into Fierceness-Live Authentically!

Spring Cleaning Your Life

Women! Are your seeds flourishing? Are you blossoming into the flower you’re meant to be? Or are you stagnant? Are you happy the way you are living your life? Women, it’s time to tend to your own gardens! If your answers are not favorable or satisfying to you, know you’re not alone. I’ve heard so many women: friends, family members, those I just met, and the 100’s that I have seen in my office. They share their difficulty in being authentic with themselves and in their relationships. I’ve heard many women say that they live in fear, they don’t ask for what they want or need, they don’t follow their dreams, and that it’s hard to leave dysfunctional relationships. Also women have been conditioned to give give give and it’s very hard for them to receive. Many are isolated and single, afraid of being seen or hurt again.  Some women hear the words “I can’t” or “I don’t deserve” or “I’m not good enough” running through their heads everyday all day. This trend continues in the young women of today. It’s important for you to come to know the negative voices that keep you stagnant and not growing.

Women have been conditioned over generations to be submissive and value themselves less than men. Even with the women’s movement at an all time high, women are still mistreated, seen as unintelligent and second class citizens. We have to continue to work hard to change these conditions and it starts with each woman taking a stand to improve herself. This starts with valuing yourself! Start now by exploring how you are living your life and the ways you want to change to become your authentic self.

Let’s use the metaphor of spring cleaning to identify where you are on the scale of authenticity. Using the scale of 10-1, 10 is high – you are living your life fully and authentically and 1 is low – you aren’t. In other words, you are very passive and unseen – at the bottom. So, what’s your number?

When you can’t be authentic you’re not living fully. Women, you deserve to freely express yourselves. No more fear! This is your life and you deserve to live it the way you desire! My goal is to help you spring clean your life. Get rid of all those thoughts and feelings that hinder your authentic expression. You can learn to be you – fully you – in my Stepping Into Fierceness workshop happening April 21, 2018. Come and experience yourself in a supportive and lovely environment. Take the risk. See and feel the benefits! See flyer on my Workshop page!

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