Stepping Into Fierceness

It’s that time. Time for me to share with you. The ocean was calling me and when this happens I am called to write. Today is not the normal beach weather, sunny skies, blue ocean, many bodies walking the shore, and the many seagulls waiting for a crumble or nibble of discarded or shared food. Instead it’s overcast and windy, and very few people are around, especially where we’re planted. But the beauty is always here. The waves of the ocean are singing her song. The wind is noticeable and at time fierce in her own right, but thankfully we decided to bring a cover to protect us so we can create. Today was the day to ground into ourselves and into the earth of our creativity. We have the abalone shell with sage burning in it and as we create we get to be swept by the healing and cleansing properties of the sage. We also have wonderful food to nourish us as we absorb the beauty and comfort of being here at the beach.

As I look out onto the ocean the waves are constant, not too large or small, just constant. There are many rock formations as far as my eyes can see, right and left. It’s absolutely beautiful and I’m so blessed to be able to get into my car and drive to the beach and just sit, and think, and appreciate, and pray, and create. What a blessing! What a gift! If we choose, we can indulge the gifts around us. We first have to see them. So often we are unable to see our gifts because our minds are too full of other stuff that clutters it. This is the point of me being here today on this Labor Day. My writing and sharing it is a labor of love. Love is not work, it is peace, calm, heartfeltness, connection, healing, and an offering. This is God’s gift to me and it’s my gift to you. As I walk in love, I hope you can receive in love and so, walk in your own love.

My workshops have started! Horray! I’ve learned a Big lesson, and that is not to delay doing God’s will, my purpose, serving as I’m needed. I’m no longer postponing my work to heal and assist people in finding their true selves so that they can travel on their truest paths. My Stepping Into Fierceness workshops are one of the venues that was gifted to me to serve. The messages that I deliver in my workshop has been in my life for years. I see so many people, not just clients, but students, friends, family members, who have lost their way due to the old messages they received as children which are constantly playing in their heads. The old tapes have many untrue messages that block and trap expression of the authentic self.

I can’t stand to let my old tapes keep playing in my head, the messages that say that people will not want to do this work, and why would they want to do it with you? Yes, we all have tapes that prevent us from showing up in our lives. Just think if I would have continued to listen to this old tape, I would not be doing what’s in my heart and soul to do, and I would not be touching the lives I’m touching. Thank you Creator, for making a way for me to see my way to my heart and soul! Thank you for the strength and courage to move me to be my true self.

The Stepping into Fierceness workshop is an opportunity for you to gather tools and info that will help you approach your life with fierceness. You have to learn, first, what are those many messages that live in your head and stop you from being and becoming. These messages were mostly received when you were young and innocent, but they still linger. They have formed themselves and you probably refer to them as negative voices, or inner critics, or egos, or gatekeepers. You want to get to know them. You want to expose them. The more consciously aware you are of them the more you can control them. This is the work!

The other important work is to uncover the wise parts of yourself. Once the veil of darkness is exposed, the light in you can shine through. Where is your light? What is your light? Have you ever known your light? Do you have a desire to connect to your light so it can be revealed to you and those around you? If you’re questioning your light source, yes, we all have a light in us. We just have to work and commit ourselves to finding it. It can be done!

To be fierce is to show up authentically in your life, to be in your body, connected to mind and spirit, to your experience and to own it. That’s it! Nothing complicated like learning a new trade or earning a Ph.D. However, many people would attest to that’s how it feels and that is why so many people don’t adventure towards it. It can feel huge, daunting, and frightening. Yes, and that is what fear does. It makes everything feel unreasonable and unreachable. But it isn’t! It is worth your time and energy because you are worth it! Any time that you put into your healing and growing, is worth it! You deserve to feel good, free of those nagging gatekeepers that keep you all out of sorts and living life off your truest path. It’s time for you to get back on the road of your life. No time to be afraid. It’s no time to settle and be squelched, trapped, guarded, badgered, mistreated, and humiliated.

It’s your time to be fierce!!!! That’s right! Its your time for Stepping Into Fierceness, and let it carry you where you are supposed to be. Where is your joy? What’s stopping you from accomplishing all those important things you dream about? You have the power, with knowledge, to change, grow, heal, and become your authentic self.

Look for my next workshop and come and step into your fierceness and see where it leads you. You will be surprised that your fierceness will lead you where you desire to be. How wonderful is that! And if you are unsure where that is, it’s even more important for you to show up so you can experience your light. When we all can experience our light, we, our families, communities, and the world will benefit and function better and be a better place for us to exist.

I invite you to walk in Love as I will walk with you. This takes fierceness and this you can achieve.

I leave you with love in my heart for you and yours and you stepping into your fierceness. I hope to see you someday soon. My next workshop is Sept. 25, 2-5PM -See workshop flyer under Workshops or go to Songbird Healing Center’s website for the monthly schedule.

Coobady- Grant Strength, Courage and Guidance

Dr. Dianna L. Grayer

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