Attention Couples! It’s Time To Blossom Your Relationship!

Attention Couples! It’s Time To Blossom Your Relationship!

Let this be the year you do the unthinkable by making the necessary changes to transform your relationship. It can become the relationship you’ve always imagined it to be! Challenge each other to step into uncharted territory because your happiness is worth it. What’s needed is learning how to nurture your relationship and adding the necessary nutrients to help you grow together as a loving committed couple!

Some couples fear seeking help because they are afraid of the “what ifs” -those negative thoughts that keep you drowning in the status quo and keep you from being able to have a new and desired experience. I’ve heard many stories of couples not trusting each other which leads to not being able to confess their true feelings with the other. Imagine a rose bud unable to bloom. It’s painful and sad to witness the rosebud which has enormous potential to be so much more. This is how couples feel when they can’t open up to each other and experience the potential of a loving relationship – pain and sadness. Without trust, there is a failure to engage in open and honest communication. It’s like being in a relationship with someone you know some things about, but not personal ones. Lovers yes, but strangers, too. When things are broken, say a dishwasher or thermostat, we try and fix what we can, but when we can’t, we get help. Relationships are one of those times to get help because many of us have learned the wrong way to fix our relationships. We weren’t shown the proper way to be in a healthy relationship.

When couples come to see me it never fails that I feel this ache inside because usually by the time they seek professional help they have exhausted themselves trying to fix each other without knowing how to do it. Or, they’re so wound up within themselves from holding in their true feelings due to fear that they would rather quit than fix the relationship. Imagine driving alone down a dead end street and you’re stuck. Couples are overwhelmed, out of sync, disconnected, and missing affection and nurturance. This is when the real problems occur because discontentment and unhappiness cause individuals to be vulnerable to other distractions like; lying, drugs, alcohol, shopping, partying, and seeking positive attention from others.

Couples, even individuals! It’s time to take charge of your life because you deserve to be happy in your relationship. You can seek the help, support and guidance you need to get your relationship on the path you desire and dream about. In most cases the work needed is a minimal amount – it just takes adjusting how you have approached and reacted to issues in the past. It takes a neutral and objective person to help you see your blindspots, and once you see them too, you will be on your way to seeing your love in a new and better light. You both will feel rejuvenated and motivated to put your relationship in a more satisfying place. As I ofter say to people, “Don’t wait too long to seek the help you need to make your relationship fun, loving, intimate, sexual and happy again!” Contact me to gather what you need – the nutrients to allow your relationship to blossom!

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