April 17, 2010



It’s final. I am now Dr. Grayer. What a journey I’ve been on for the last five and half years. This phase in my life as Dr. Grayer has steered me toward expanding my work as a psychotherapist to include experiential workshops for people so that they will have a venue to be able to experience themselves in different ways. I believe in order to feel truly alive we must be able to experience ourselves and experience ourselves with others. We must be able to connect with those forbidden and hidden parts of ourselves, and those parts that we’d rather avoid at any cost. We must grieve our losses. We must touch the pain, hurt, and suffering that we hold inside and see it for what it is. We must learn about it and then to move it through tenaciously so it doesn’t strangle us and take the life out of our existence, the life that keeps us living and alive.

My work is to help empower people to live their lives fully. I will do this by facilitating workshops so attendees can Connect to the many parts of themselves and then open the space so they can Express what is in them that is needing to be released. This expressing and releasing moves the years of blockage and opens individuals up and naturally invites new ways of experiencing and learning. When this happens people are able to move more freely in their lives. They will learn to Soar in that special way, just like an eagle high up in the sky. Just like the sky is to the eagle, for humans, when you’re doing the work of healing, your life can open up and you, too, can soar freely in your life, making a better and happier journey for yourself and your loved ones. I wish you well on your journey and I hope to see you at my future workshops. So, stay tuned and remember to Connect. Express. Soar.

Remember to sing what is in your heart and your soul will never be broken.

Warmly, Dr. Dianna L. Grayer

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