Touching More Lives

Feb 18, 2019

I Dreamed of Touching More Lives

I love my work as a Marriage Family Therapist. I’ve been helping people see themselves and their authentic beauty for years. I’ve always wanted to touch more people than the one or two or a 3-5 member family who I would see in my office for the past 20 plus years. For many years I wondered how I would manifest this dream. Occasionally I would be asked to speak for gatherings, like at SSU’s GSA graduation and its First Year Students’ program, Sonoma County’s Gay Pride festival, and most recently, the Petaluma Women’s March, and that felt good to me. Anytime I can speak to empower people to be authentic I accept the invitation. I love how I feel in my core when I’m helping someone or a group blossom into the beautiful flower they were meant to be. My work and passion is helping people get focused on their truest path. I want to help them find their essence so they can live freely and happily being their creative and lovely selves. 

You just don’t know how or when opportunity knocks but it does. I attribute it to an open mind and an open heart and I believe this leads to new discoveries. I try to stay open to the potential of reaching people and in doing so, a dream came true. Four years ago, I submitted a 10 minute play for a contest and it was rejected. As a result, I turned that play into a full length play and it became another way for me to reach people and give them a message. It was a message of empowerment and an invitation to step into their freedom. Now, 7 productions later, I see the need and the importance that I continue to produce this play each year. (This year will be the 8th!) One of the beautiful outcomes that I was surprised by is that when I give new actors the experience and the opportunity, they grow in ways they never imagined! It’s a win win for everyone; me, the actors, the audience, and all the people who are touched by them and the messages in the play!

I never knew I would become a playwright. I asked myself, was it a fluke? Could I do it again? And so 6 months ago I wrote, and now cast, When The Bud Blooms. The title speaks for the messages I consistently want to portray. I believe people can rise from the ashes and do great things and become their true selves. I proudly take on the title of “playwright” now. I’m proud of this way of inspiring audiences to take a look at themselves and encourage them to find their true paths in their lives. I feel blessed to have these opportunities to touch more lives. 

I hope you too will have an open mind and open heart and continue to walk through the door that is opened for you to show up in your life the way you desire to.

My best to you,


PS-See you April 6-7 for When The Bud Blooms or July 22 & 23 for Private Lives Private Lies- both are at Congregation Ner Shalom, the old Cotati Cabaret!

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