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Journaling – A Workbook To Transform Your Self-Esteem – Click to Order!

journalJournaling: A Workbook To Transform Your Self-Esteem is a practical guide that gives you self-help tools and encouragement to connect with your soul and improve your life as you know it. It’s packed with exercises that will confront the problem areas in your life and offer ways to eliminate them. You will feel compelled to move through the obstacles that have been holding you back so that you can make new discoveries to unveil the real you. As a result of your hard work, dedication, and commitment, you’ll proceed on the road toward your life goals, and ultimately, the happiness you want and deserve.

Your life is literally in your hands. Take the journey, and learn how you can become the driver in your life, not the passenger. Moving through Journaling: A Workbook To Transform Your Self-Esteem will help you feel better about yourself. As you raise your self-esteem and build your confidence, you will be determined to live a more authentic, peaceful, and happy life – a life more in line with your soul’s desire.

I Am Somebody, Authored by Dianna L. Grayer Ph.D.


The Lone Bird – Click to Order!

Check out my first book for children, The Lone Bird!

The Lone Bird is a sweet bird that is treated meanly by other birds. She doesn’t understand why the other birds are mean to her! However, on her journey through the sky, she hears a voice that speaks to her and cheers her up. As the Lone Bird travels across the sky learning about life, the reader flies alongside her, witnessing her self-acceptance and confidence.

“The Lone Bird is no ordinary children’s book but one of many depths. It is a thoughtful, engaging story of a bird’s journey to self-discovery…and your children will see a way they, too, can believe in themselves. I love the discussion questions at the end of the book – it helps connect the story to my children’s own lives and gives them the opportunity to express themselves.” -Caroline Chinn Gonsalves, parent and educator

I AM a Lot of Things – Click to Order!

Everyone can develop a positive self-image of themselves. . .

I AM a Lot of Things, can support parents and children by starting early on the path to developing their positive self-images. Having a positive self-image, children are more confident and as a result are able to move more confidently in their lives. Children need to be told often how special they are and this book assists parents in doing the job. These positive affirmations can help with building your child’s self-esteem and help them to see themselves as capable human beings.

I AM a Lot of Things, will surely inspire children and give them a jump start toward growth and development. This book helps to prevent children from filling their minds and thoughts with negative thinking and self-doubt. If you discover your child needs a little boost, they will surely be reminded how special they are.

Deonna’s Unveiling: a Girl, a Teacher, a Turtle, and an Eagle – Click to Order!

Deonna, a young, shy girl, spends hours staring at the turtles in her class room. One day her teacher, Ms. G., curious about Deonna’s attraction to the turtles, learns through conversation all she needs to know about Deonna to help the shy girl discover who she is and to help her on a new life’s journey.

Ms. G. is a gifted teacher who takes a special interest in her students, especially those who aren’t popular and who are often overlooked by their peers. She desperately wants to see Deonna play joyfully and express her own creativity, so she sets a plan in motion to help Deonna come out of her shell. Ms. G. introduces Deonna to Shu Shu, another shy classmate, hoping for a match of souls. From this point forward, Deonna’s life begins to transform. With Ms. G.’s guidance and Shu Shu’s companionship, Deonna slowly breaks out of the safety of her shell. As Deonna’s effervescent personality begins to shine, her new freedom within sets her soaring like an eagle through life like she could never have imagined!

I Am Somebody – Click to Order!

I Am Somebody, Authored by Dianna L. Grayer Ph.D.Layla is a young girl who does not feel special in her family and all she wants in the world is for her mother to nurture her. Even though Layla has four siblings she still feels alone and unloved. All she can think about is to someday have the experience of feeling cared for in that special way a child feels when she is showered with love from a mother. This is so important to Layla that she spends most of her time daydreaming and praying for God to send her a special friend to love and nurture her.

One day after an encounter with the local bully, Alfonzo, Layla’s prayers are answered when she is embraced by a loving wise woman. From that day forward Layla is a changed person and her changing continues in so many positive ways. Most importantly, she learns what it is like to feel special to someone and that she is somebody.


Wisdom From the Wild: What’s Really Behind The Growl – Click to Order!

Wisdom from the Wild: What’s Really behind the Growl is a dialogue between an eagle and a bear which will teach and inspire your child to speak up for themselves while being tactful and considerate of others. A wise eagle helps an unfriendly bear explore his habit-forming “growl behavior.” The eagle’s words and the exploration is key to the bear’s acknowledgement and understanding of his true feelings behind the growl. The bear learns that he doesn’t have to be mean or rude to be heard or seen. He also learns that when he’s nice, others won’t be afraid of him, and it allows him a new opportunity to make a friend. Through this conversation, children learn how to be kind and friendly. They learn how to speak up for themselves and say what is important without “growling.” The eagle and the bear’s social model will teach children how to speak authentically about their feelings from a loving place rather than from a defensive stance behind a growl. Wisdom from the Wild: What’s Really behind the Growl shows that even the meanest among us have the ability to change, learn, and grow.

Lei Lei Conquers the Monsters- Click to Order!

Lei Lei Conquers the Monsters is a story about a girl who views her family members as so-called “monsters.” She is frightened by them because they are often mean and angry. Because of her fear, she spends much of her time hidden in her closet. Lei Lei has an imaginary friend, Dyimah, who encourages her and validates who she is as a person. Dyimah teaches Lei Lei about a special gift that everyone has access to: their imagination. But, Lei Lei has so much fear and skepticism, that she steers away from any attempts to use the power of her imagination until one day when her situation at home becomes dire. She is frustrated and feels she cannot trust herself or her family members. Once she confronts her fear and begins to apply her gift, Lei Lei gradually realizes that through imagination, there is hope. Little by little, she is able to experience a feeling of strength and a sense of self. Ultimately, Lei Lei becomes empowered enough to share her experience with someone she once feared.

From Lei Lei’s story, Dr. Grayer teaches children how to find strength, comfort and courage through their own imagination and to stay true to the essence of who they are, even in the worst of situations.